Irrigation Iron Stain Removal

If you own property and want to keep the landscape looking nice & green then you understand the irrigation process.

Most irrigation systems run off of a well pump and you can experience all kinds of water below in the aquifer.

The quality of the water below can contain some different elements. For example some shallow wells can produce high iron content in the water.

Others can contain high levels of sulfur.

A simple way of figuring out which of the 2 you have is if there are signs of orange staining around your property, on fence, driveway or side of home? If so, this means you have iron in your well.

A simple way of figuring out if you have sulfur in your well then you will notice a smell, similar to rotten eggs or black staining.

If you have Iron in your irrigation well then you will notice orange stains around property & there are ways to remove the stains as well as prevent the iron stains from ever appearing.

The best way to remove iron stains is to aplly a iron stain dissolvent.

We suggest that you use the crystal form of dissovent as it dissolves in water and can be applied with a pump sprayer.

We suggest that you use a 1 gallon pump sprayer mixing, 1 gallon of warm water to 1 1/2 cups of dissolvent.

Make you shake pump sprayer well before applying dissolvent to stains.

This process may take several applications. Apply a good amount of dissolvent to any needed areas and wait 15-30 minutes before appllying addition application.

If you have any iron stains on dark surfaces we suggest that you use a weaker solution ratio.

Go ahead and cut solution ratio in half, So ¾ of a cup to each gallon.

When applying dissolvent on tile make sure you rinse off approx. 15 minutes after each application.

Extended contact time to tile can cause a hazing effect/layer that is hard to remove & can be very time consuming.

You will notice that attempting to remove iron stains from white vinyl fencing is very easy because the vinyl is not porous.

Cement is very porous and tries to absorb what it is in contact with.

Newly painted surfaces are very easy to remove iron stains from as well.

If you pressure wash all areas before applying iron stain dissolvent you can save  time & dissolvent.

Pressure Washing can remove some % of the iron stain however, will not remove iron stains completely. It can also help by loosening the iron stain.

We always suggest that you pressure wash all areas before attempting to remove iron stains.

Need more information about Iron Stain Removal, you can find it here.

Iron Stain Removal & Prevention Process

Well water iron stains can really make your property look horrible.

Some people have even gone as far as painting their driveway the same color as the iron stain.

Some people do not know that there is not only a way to remove the iron stains but also a way to prevent them from ever returning.

Yes, we can install a iron stain prevention sytem which has no moving parts and only operates when you use your sprinkler pump. It’s a syphon system that requires no electricity.

You will learn more about the prevention sytem as you keep reading.

Let’s talk about the Iron Stain Prevention process.

The first step is to pressure wash all needed areas.

This will remove any black stains and will wash away dirt and debri so that step 2 has a clean surface to start with.

You may notice that pressure washing may remove a small percentage of the iron stain in the process. This will also save you some iron stain dissolvent you are about to apply.

Step 2, Once the area is dry, now it is time to apply the Iron Stain Dissolvent.

With a pump sprayer add 3 scoops of Dissolvent, preference is “crystals” to 1 gallon of water.

Spray all needed areas, as some areas may require additional applications.

Be patient and apply a decent amount and try to apply when as cool as possible outside.

The heat from the cement will evaporate the dissovent before it can work if the surface is to hot.

Make sure the product you are using is a green product, that does not harm plants, grass, pets & children. Find out more info on Green Products

Now that all the stains are removed it is time to install the Iron Stain Prevention System.

We suggest that install a 14’’x 14” patio stone next to your sprinkler pump & install 33gal Solution Tank on top of it keeping it level.

After taking a sample of the raw well water & testing it for iron content in ppm.

Set the syphon valve to proper setting/ ratio.

Connect tube to suction side of pump and test for leaks.

Depending on how many zones you have will also be a factor in Solution usage.

The Iron Stain Prevention Solution tyically uses 1 gallon per hour.

Ask about our Monthly Prevention Maintenance Program, where we will supply all needed solution and fill the tank monthly.

If any stains ever return we will remove them at no additional charge.

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